Off on an adventure with Wren's Nursery Hooke Court

Education & Activities

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Wren’s nursery offers the children a homely environment, with warm and caring adults. We enjoy close relationships with parents and carers that help to support each child through strong home-nursery links. Each child is treated as an individual and we aim to provide them with opportunities to become confident and independent throughout their time with us, preparing them for school. Children from Wren’s Nursery should leave with a firm sense of what is right and wrong, the ability to express their needs, wants and dislikes in addition to being polite and sociable with the people, friends and family around them.

“Children's behaviour is excellent. They flourish in the nurturing care of hte reassuring, friendly staff, who encourage and praise children's skills exceptionally well. Children feel valued and important in their care and develop very positive self-esteem." Ofsted 2019

Physical Development

Within the nursery the layout and resources are carefully considered and planned in order to promote access for all ages and stages of development. Opportunities for developing both fine and gross motor skills are carefully considered during the planning process. We strongly promote a fit, active and healthy lifestyle where the children are encouraged to play and exercise within the grounds daily. In addition, we plan P.E. activites such as ball games, gym, dance and athletics for the children to develop their skills, learn to cooperate as part of a team and begin to understand the importance of keeping fit. The children learn about food, what is healthy and unhealthy and how to eat a balanced diet. Nursery staff also work with parents and carers to sensitively support children with potty training and personal hygiene.

Communication and Language, Literacy and Mathematics

At Wren’s Nursery early reading, writing and number skills are taught through innovative games and activities that are fun and motivating for the children. Each child is considered by a qualified Early Years Specialist Teacher during the planning process in order to tailor the sessions to meet their needs and to suit their particular interests. In this way we ensure that each child is ready for school life, with the confidence and high self-esteem that we consider to be of vital importance for them to continue to develop and thrive to the best of their ability.

Understanding the World

The teaching staff within the nursery use the extensive grounds and resources from the Field Studies Centre to expose the children to a vast array of experiences and learning opportunities. In addition to learning about themselves, being healthy and looking after themselves, they also have the opportunity to visit and care for the farm animals at Hooke Court. The children enjoy learning basic cooking skills and gain an understanding of where their food comes from through regular cookery sessions. Particular emphasis is placed on their environment, what is in it to be discovered and how to enjoy and look after the outdoors. The nursery uses a range of electrical equipment for the children to use and become familiar with up to date technology and to find out about the wider world on the internet.

Expressive Art and Design

The children are always provided with the materials and resources to make and create their own work independently and with the help of adults. They are encouraged to think, create and adapt their own designs and ideas to make artwork that is truly their own work. In addition, regular creative sessions provide the children with new ideas and skills for them to learn and use again in the future. We also encourage drama and creative role play by providing children with props and resources to support their own ideas. Each day the children participate in singing and rhyming activities and planned music sessions provide them with an opportunity to explore a range of musical instruments.

Forest School

The philosophy of Forest School is to encourage and inspire children through positive outdoor experiences. The children engage in motivating achievable tasks in an outdoor environment where each participant has an opportunity to develop intrinsic motivation, sound emotional and social skills and develop self awareness. Children visit the grounds within Hooke Court on a regular basis and, through play, learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks, use their own initiative to solve problems and cooperate with others. Forest School runs throughout the year, in all weathers. Children use tools, play, learn boundaries for behaviour, establish and grow in confidence, gain in self esteem and become self motivated.

“Staff support children's physical well-being extremely effectively and make excellent use of resources within the grounds to provide exciting opportunities for children to exercise.”

Ofsted 2019